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Why detailing? What are the benefits?

Just like your vehicles engine needs to be maintained with regular oil changes, so does the physical condition of your vehicle. Auto detailing is an important process that covers a wide variety of techniques and services that require considerable skill to perform. Effective preventive maintenance performed by a skilled detailer will protect your vehicles resale value.

  • Removes germs

  • Reduces allergens

  • Prevents rust

  • Removes contaminants that corrode paint, leather, chrome, vinyl, etc.

  • Protection from environmental exposure (road salt, UV rays, tree sap, dirt and oil buildup, etc.)

  • Improves your mood! Something just feels better about the world when you're in a clean and protected car.

Waxes, Sealants, and Coatings.

Wax is a protective layer that goes on top of your clear coat that provides two to three months worth of protection. Sealants provide up to six to eight months of protection and can be layered over a coat of wax or can be applied on decontaminated paint. Ceramic and coatings are products that are meant to protect your paint from various weather conditions and adds a glass like gloss and slickness to your vehicles paint. These coatings can last between two and nine years depending on the type of coating you choose.

How often should I get my vehicle detailed?

We recommend a maintenance wash once a month (or 1,500 miles) to prevent build up of dirt and road grime that may damage your vehicles paint. A Date Night Detail should be performed at least once a quarter to cover the lifespan of the wax and sealant on your vehicle. If you've had a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, we recommend a maintenance wash or basic detail at least once a month (or 1,500 miles) to preserve the integrity of your protective coating.

Why does it take so long?

The timeframes on our Services page are estimates. Often there is no way of knowing how long your detail will take until we start performing the work on your vehicle. In general the size of your car, the current condition of the interior and exterior of your car, what steps will need to be completed, and what specialty products you choose will have an effect on the time that it will take.

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

Remove all personal items from your vehicle. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items that are left in the vehicle. Any areas of the vehicle containing personal items will not be cleaned (glove box/console/storage compartments). Please point out any key trouble spots both mechanically and cosmetically prior to your appointment.

Please remove all car seats from the vehicle. We will not remove or reinstall any car seats.

Isn't an automatic car wash the same thing?

All automatic car washes are abrasive and will eventually scratch and swirl your vehicles paint finish (there's a reason they're so cheap). They spray harsh chemicals that remove any wax or protection you have on the vehicle paint surface. They're also known for damaging clear coat, exterior parts, rubber moldings, license plate frames and antennas. We would never recommend taking your vehicle through an automatic car wash tunnel.

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